Friday, 28 June 2013

Spring 2013 social network

Map of social interactions for Alftanes and nearby areas in May 2013

After a good few weeks of painstaking data entry and shuffling excel spreadsheets around, I'm finally in a position to see what some of our data from this spring looks like! Its amazing to think how much work goes into producing a social network like this!

Its good to see that its is broadly similar to last years social networks, although the shift in home range of LIRY and LHRY (a pair of geese I know well from Dublin too) half way through the spring from Hafnarfjordur to the President's Fields on the main peninsula has resulted in the network being more cohesive overall.

[LIRY and LHRY are the two red nodes sitting halfway between the main "red" social cluster and the "blue" social cluster]