Wednesday, 18 April 2012

New exodus

Last few days Brent Goose numbers have been growing fast in Iceland. This morning Svenja Auhage found 600 foraging in Blautós, near Akranes. In the afternoon I counted 1630 at Alftanes w.o. 1100 were at Skógtjörn. I did not have much time, but managed to read nearly 50 rings at high water. Despite having read about 50 before most of today's birds were new. The new arrivals are generally in good condition and many with API of 3 and some even score 4.


  1. That's a pretty good resighting rate Mummi!

  2. Nice, will be up there next weekend with Matt. looking forward to seeing the geese (and how much the puppies have grown:).

  3. Tonight there were at least 2100 Brent Geese near Bessastaðir using fields (very nervously) and only 60 at Skogtjörn. We found near 7000 Brent Geese in a survey of the West coast last week. About 2500 in Blautós and Grunnafjörður, only 5 near Hjörsey and again good numbers in southern Breiðafjörður.