Wednesday, 4 April 2012

After the neap comes spring

Following a number of non-Brent news. Two previous days I have not found any Brent Geese at Álftanes when searching for them around high tide in the afternoon. Today they were there again. A flock of 71 in the innermost part of Skógtjörn was foraging on a saltmarsh at high tide. There I found three marked birds: a pair with only metal on right and yellow on left -ZmY + -VmY and CPLY with an unmarked partner. There were two Brent Geese in a flock of Eiders on the outer part of Hlidsnes peninsula and 33 at Eskines in Gardabaer. A total of 110 today.


  1. Elusive little blighters! Can't outfox you though..

  2. Wind is at last turning after prevailing northerlies for over 10 days. We hope to see more migrants here tomorrow. Found 20 + 12 brent geese today at Seltjarnarnes and Alftanes. Saw 12 at Grunnafjördur on Sunday.