Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Day one with the Whitefronts

Miserable weather up here, but a good first day nonetheless. About 1000 birds in the fields around Hvanneyri and about 500 in the Myrar area. Sighting of the day goes to Richard Price (University of Exeter MSc student) who when checking through his photos (see right) found H6C. Mitch (Weegman) the PhD student on the project checked the data base to find it was a male bird caught on April 23rd 1999 in Hvanneyri as an adult!! This means he is over 15 years old. He has been seen a number of times over the years wintering regularly on the Wexford slobs, but most of his sightings are from here. He was hanging around with a bird that was likely to have been his dad for several years in the early 00s, but we do not think he has ever had a long term partner. Stu is heading back to the UK on Friday but Mitch will send updates over the coming weeks. Stephen Lang (MSc student) is carrying out his research project on these geese and will provide some project updates as well.

Stu, Mitch, Stephen & Richard


  1. Good that you found some geese guys. This was a good day weatherwise Stu. It is still winter up here :)

  2. Good numbers of White-fronts by the sounds of things guys; that sighting of H6C (of course will need verified by Graham :-)) was a cracking find especially. The guys are going to have to get attuned to smaller leg rings though - Grunnafjodur Brent at 600m at low water standing in the wind should be the ultimate test!
    After a return to especially wintery conditions yesterday here in Ireland, after an apparent 2 weeks of summer, today brought cold, sunny conditions. Winds maintaining NE to NW so surely that will hold things up. Keep up the good work..