Wednesday, 14 October 2015

The view from the northern part of the flyway

No - I don't yet have pictures of Brent migrating south through Canada or Greenland - maybe some day!

Gudmundur, Svenja and Finnur-Logi (pilot who also knows his birds!) surveyed the large bays of Faxafloi and Breidafjordur in western Iceland on Saturday, counting just under 5,000 Brent in 4 1/2 hours. They have not yet managed to age Brent while they fly away from a moving aircraft at 500+ft (!!) so we have to satisfy ourselves with the count.

Joking about that, of course, it is great that the tradition of synchronising autumn surveys of western Iceland with the main sites at Irish/British latitudes is continuing as it enables us to get a complete picture of the size of the population. A few pictures of the aforementioned attached. Enormous thanks to all. Takk!

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  1. Hi Mummi, Svenja et al,
    REALLY delighted to see you out counting again!! Means a lot to those of us in Ireland who value your friendship! Nearly seems like old times!!
    Raising a glass of Jameson to you all!!