Monday, 12 October 2015

Charles and Diana are Back in Town!!...

Following on from the good catch at Dundrum, County Down, in March this year, ring-reading immediately made it clear that co-incidence had thrown CHBY together with DIBY, and they were christened by local observers as Charles and Di!!
The (presumed) pair were also spotted by the University of Exeter team in May, at Saltvik, just north of Reykjavik, and now, today, I have recorded them back again at Dundrum Bay.
They are a really closely associated pair. Here's wishing them health to survive their relationship a bit longer (in brent goose years!!) than their royal counterparts!!


  1. I wonder, in all innocence, if there are any sightings of CPBY yet.

  2. Good Luck, Charles & Diana, and here's to lots of little babibies in the future!! Glad you've made it safely back to Ireland!

  3. Hi Christer,
    WAY behind with feedback, but unfortunately not, in anything I've entered to date!!