Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Now, First Irish Record of a Ringed Bird Away from Strangford Lough...

News in tonight from Larry Lenehan, that he read KBWR at lunchtime today at Gormanston Beach, just into County Meath. This bird was ringed at Strangford Lough in October 2009 at the Floodgates, just where the Portaferry Road out of Newtownards meets the Lough, and this is the sixth consecutive winter Larry has been reading this bird at Gormanston, illustrating how site-faithful most of the birds are.
The current hot weather (heat haze), and tides which do not go favourable (ie. generally on a dropping tide) on Strangford Lough until lunchtime, have led to very frustrating times today, trying to read rings there, with only a dozen encountered. The impression was that a few more families were present.

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