Monday, 7 September 2015

First Rings Read Away from Strangford Lough this Winter...

Last night saw the first record of a ringed goose to be read away from Strangford Lough this winter, and it was from WALES!! Records of "our" pale-bellied brent from GB are generally from the western side, and we are lucky to have a regular band of observers there who know to keep an eye out for them.
In this case, the record, of LFLY - L right leg, F left leg, L ime right leg-ring colour,
Y ellow left leg-ring colour - came from Dave Astins, who spotted it in a small flock of four birds at the Gann Estuary, on Milford Haven, in Pembrokeshire.
On Strangford Lough, a couple of new families, both with three juveniles, have turned up, and I had the autumn treat of watching a small party of about 15 - 20 geese arriving at height over Newtownards, then dropping rapidly to join other birds already present on the mud-flats. The spread of birds down the east side of the Lough has been more rapid than usual, with good numbers now present at Greyabbey and the Gasworks.

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