Thursday, 31 July 2014

Warning: Gosling pics!!

Alyn with a family in the pen
On the 29th we returned to the skies in order to catch more geese. This time our aim was to target families because we have already caught plenty of failed breeders and many of these birds are far enough through the moult that they can fly, but only just.

I am afraid I can give few details about the first catch as Chantelle and I were waiting back at camp. We tend to limit the catch team to 4 due to helicopter space. I can tell of the pacing tedium of those back at camp, but I can't make it interesting. Anyway, the main thing is that the catch was successful with a haul of 11 adults and 24 precious goslings. That means there's some nice photos of cute goslings now available. We had to process them in a bit of a quagmire but it went smoothly.

Afterwards we went straight back to the helicopter to catch more geese. This demonstrates our dedication; plus the helicopter is warm inside. This time I was on the helicopter so I can describe what happened. First, we pwent to check it a group of 18 or so non breeders we had seen previously. They were still there so we quickly set the net, but the geese simply flew away so we quickly put the net back on the helicopter. We were unsure of our next move but in the next bay we saw a small group of families that looked a good target. After another highly efficient net set John chased them in with relative ease and we had another 5 adults and 7 goslings. In total that's 47 geese for that day.
Tom with a 2-3 week old gosling

We have more helicopter time on the 2nd, but after that we are off to Resolute where there's soft beds, plentiful and varied food, warmth, laundry ,hot showers and pancakes for breakfast. For me in particular it will be a great day when I can escape porridge for breakfast.


PS the next catch is due on Saturday, I will rejoin the team in Resolute on Monday for the last couple of catch attempts for the summer. More excitement to follow I am sure



  1. Sounds like a great catch! :) I bet the helicopter rides are fun. Hope you're all enjoying yourselves and that the weather is being kind/not too cold or rainy/muddy.

    Dad (Graham), all is well here. I heard from Astrid yesterday- not only did Ingeborg break her right arm, but Geoff has now unfortunately fallen and smashed his left elbow. She's calling them the One Wing Brigade. It sounds like Geoff has quite a bad injury, and will need an operation to pin the arm. Feel very sorry for them both! I don't have much to report apart from that. Hope you're having a wonderful time. xx

  2. Good work guys - looks like fun and I'm sure you're very much looking forward to leaving field camp and the luxury what is PCSP Resolute!

    1. peanut butter cookies.....mmmmmmmmm