Sunday, 20 July 2014

Back in Eureka (albeit very briefly)

We are currently back at the Eureka weather haven resting after our two weeks on the Schei. Funnily enough the haven now feels more luxurious than it did previously. I am particularly overjoyed to return to my greenhouse room, which is always warmer than everyone else's. The folks down at the weather station were kind enough to offer us a free shower and laundry, So we are clean and well-rested. There has also been a change over of field workers. Freydis and Sean have returned home after some great work, including two textbook goose catches and a mysterious event I am calling the 18 goose enigma. In their stead Alan, Graham and Kerry have arrived for the third section of the field season. Here is a photo of all of us together with one of our helicopter pilots Stig. The next phase of work will involve camping back out on the Schei, but will end with us staying in Resolute where you can get pancakes for breakfast - a thought we often find cheering.



  1. Glad to see that the others have made it - and, in particular, my brother Graham.

  2. I'm so cross with trying to post on this blog!!!! Third attempt, here goes...Dad, glad you're there safely! I hope you'll get this message! I've been looking here all day hoping to see an update from you. :) I hope you're having a great time.
    We're having fun in Donegal, we heard a Corncrake at Carrickfinn two days ago- the first I've heard on the mainland since I was about 11 I think. :) Ricky caught a fish at Portnablagh today. We think it was a Pollock and it was yummy- I think Marty would have been very proud. Hope all is well with you, love from all of us- Suzy xxx

  3. We enjoy reading the blog Ian - and catching up with all your doings. Since you started writing it the style has your distinctive hallmark. Good to see the Simpson's and Larson wasn't lost of you.

    Enjoy the cool Arctic - the UK is enjoying one of the longest, hottest spells since - you weren't around to remember it - but it was HOT! OK .... off out again for another couple of cooling lagers - someone's got to do it. Oh ...... passed over York at 5000' on Monday on paraglider and took some video of it and Barbara's place. You can see the odd pic on my flightlog at:

  4. Hey Graham, well done for getting there. We are sweltering here in Strangford - it's the hottest spell ever! Enjoy the geese!
    R and D