Wednesday, 15 May 2013

More from Alftanes...

Sunrise at some time around 4.30am this morning!
All these early starts mean we're going well with resighting lots of geese - I think its getting close to 3000 resightings of several hundred different brent geese. The idea behind doing this is to provide a really detailed picture of what sites individual geese are using and which other geese they are associating with when they do this
Us at work later this morning - you can just about see the geese on the far side of the field

We're also busy doing behavioural watches to learn more about what causes differences in how vigilant and aggressive different geese are. Particularly during the spring when there is more at stake brent goose battles can be pretty intense. This can include charging from one side of a flock to another to target another bird, body slams or even lunging in two-footed in a way Roy Keane would be proud of!

Off to explore Snaefellsnes tomorrow about threee hours drive north of Reykjavik - looking forward to a brief change of scenery!

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  1. Alftanes at 04:30 looks lovely. Haven't seen it at that hour for a few years. Your work rate is impressive. As ever the end of May brings need of an entire week's worth of sleep catch up time.
    Enjoy the brief change of scene!