Saturday, 11 May 2013

Iceland 2013!

A lot has happened since the last time this was updated!

I had a very busy time out in Dublin in February and March, the highlight of which was the full team coming together at the start of March and managing to catch and ring 130 new birds in north Dublin. These birds all have either blue-blue or red-red combinations so if you see any geese with these ring combinations you can know they've been ringed in Dublin in the last couple of winters.

Also see this great blog post from the Trinity College EvoEcol blog that sums up this week quite nicely.

Now its time for spring brent chasing in Iceland. I've been up here for nearly 10 days now, joined by colleagues from the University of Exeter and the full Irish contingent are arriving in a few days time. Just like last year its been long, long days and some crazy weather but its a great place to be. Its been great to see a number of birds we ringed this year in Dublin have made the same journey too and have joined all the now familiar ringed birds out in the fields of Alftanes.

More to come soon hopefully....

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  1. Look fwd to more updates Matt - as time permits!