Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Brief update from Cornwall

I'm still hard at work in Cornwall, with presentations to give, things to organise and plenty of computing to be doing. Its not long until Ireland now though, with a brief trip to Strangford next week for the Irish Brent Goose Group AGM and then plans to start my field season proper early in November. In the meantime here are some pretty pictures from Cornwall, some science and a real bird!

This graph is the output to one of the models I can run. Each line (in a selection of different colours) is one of the two hundred virtual geese in this flock. As you can see if you let a flock of 200 geese move randomly around a confined area for a time there isn't much space in that area that hasn't had a goose move over it at some point! All this means that social networks within flocks tend to be highly connected.

With the autumn in full flow the birding in Cornwall hasn't been too bad either! This red-backed shrike spent nearly a week down on the Lizard peninsula and showed really well at times. I've also managed to track down a Glossy Ibis, Yellow-browed Warbler, black redstart and multiple firecrests in the last couple of weeks, as well as that Cormorant....

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