Wednesday, 3 October 2012

41,000 and growing: totals coming in from surveyed sites last weekend!

The Excel spreadsheet into which the site totals are being computed is changing hourly. At present the count undertaken by so many of you stands at over 41,800 Brent with the biggest totals predictably coming from Strangford (ca. 23,000), west coast of Iceland (ca. 4,000), Lough Foyle (3,500), Tralee Bay & Castlemaine (3,800) and Dublin (2,000). It was evident that since we brought the date forward and re-organised many of the Strangford birds had dispersed elsewhere and the Icelandic birds had pushed south also. We also have counts from Wales, Jersey, France and many other Irish sites and there will be more! Many thanks to all who participated. Update to follow.
Anyone interested in making a guess at the number of Brent in this picture?....

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