Thursday, 10 May 2012

More on this morning's Turnstone

Thanks to some impressively speedy work from Kendrew this afternoon, I already have a full history of today's colour-ringed turnstone to hand! The bird was ringed as an adult in 2001 on Southampton Water, which makes it at least 12 years old - quite old for a turnstone already according to the BTO website. Amazingly it has been seen in the same area during mid-May in four previous years, including at exactly the same site in three of them!! Thanks to all involved in this speedy turn around of information!

Perhaps inspired by this, had a quick look at the knot in the roost on Hliosnes this evening and, amazingly, quickly found a ringed bird. Frustratingly it dived into the flock and was lost from view before I could get any details...

After a slightly frustrating morning, we had an excellent rest of the day - and ended up disappointingly just short of 300(!!) resightings (although definitely not 300 different birds..) for the today and over 20 focal watches - a great haul from a combined effort of nearly 17 hours in the field. The discussion this evening over dinner was when we were going to break the 300 for the first time. Maybe tomorrow....

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