Monday, 14 May 2012

Age and experience: Team Jameson back in the motherland

With a combined average age of 91 and average beard length of 5cm (average brought down by Pat's lack of), reinforements from the 4 provinces of Ireland have arrived to keep an eye on the young 'uns, chew the fat and drink the ale. Pat - can you keep them on the straight and narrow?!
I received a text update yesterday from Air Vice Marshall McElwaine and it summarises as follows:
"Good evening!! Wild strong winds here, but the unsurpassable TJ marches on!! 53 rings read north of Mossfellsbaer. Heading to Breidafjordur tomorrow; young guys got the local stuff carved up".
So with the Heineken Cup looming it's only the fact that Munster are not in the final that is going to maintain this effort and minimise Jamo intake offset by vanilla ice cream.
Keep her lit lads!

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