Tuesday, 8 May 2018

And, Incredibly, There it Was!!....

I managed to get to Killough Harbour just before mid-day, and there, right on cue, was IJRR!! Or at least, it was a RR bird with I on the right leg - it flew away out of the harbour as I was trying to read the other ring! 😒

It was the only brent goose seen there, and with the back history and other possible combinations, it really can't have been anything else.

Here's wishing it good speed to catch up with all the rest in Iceland, to give it time to recuperate before the onward journey.


  1. Well done Graham for a well timed sighting! I haven't checked how it is from West Wales to Killough Harbour but certainly the bird has decided to get a move on, yes as you say, I hope it fares well & maybe connect with it again in the Autumn

  2. I've been keeping tabs on the dwindling flock in Dundrum Bay in Co Down, there have been 10 remaining for the past few days, including 2 locally ringed birds. Imagine my surprise then, when I saw a solitary 'RR' bird in South Inner Bay this evening, which, of course, turned out to be IJRR, with a limp. It was soon joined by 4 unringed birds (2 adults & 2 juvs), which seem to be the last remaining birds in the bay. Hopefully, it can tag along with these birds when they finally depart our shores.