Saturday, 5 November 2016

Yo-yo Bird...

One of our GPS collared birds has been having a very strange autumn!!
7VBY was first seen by myself at Ballykelly, on Lough Foyle, on the north coast of Northern Ireland, with a mate, 9ABY, on 14 September. Didn't even notice it had a collar (I'm a legs man!!). Alex Portig  then recorded it as a collared bird down on Strangford Lough on 23 September, but on 02 October and 03 October, reported by photographs from Gary Platt and David Hill respectively, it was back at Ballykelly. The photograph of the bird landing in (how do these folks manage such sharpness!) was sent in by David:

Now, tonight, news from one of our southerly outposts, the Incleville Saltmarshes at Regneville in Normandy, France, from Alain Livory and Rosalyne Coulomb, that 7VBY has arrived there safely, together with 9ABY.

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