Saturday, 25 October 2014

Catch (-up) Time!!

Hi Folks,
Sorry there has been a break in communications. The guys from University of Exeter have been over at Strangford Lough, and, with two canon-netters (Stuart Bearhop from UoE, and local, Kerry Mackie from WWT) around, combined with a variety of helpers from across the country, it has been all hands-on-deck, trying to catch birds on the inter-tidal zone. Historically these early-season catches have been particularly difficult, as the birds are flighty, and not easy to "twinkle" (our term for walking the birds into the net!).
So it has proven again. Yesterday saw 8 geese, all adults, caught at Greyabbey, and today, in high winds, following a THIRD positioning of a net, the "lone ranger", which was a juvenile. As a lone juvenile, this was of some concern, but, on release, it was thankfully observed to fly off with another bird.

Net setting shot:

The "Lone Ranger":

Tomorrow sees more recce work, hopefully for a last chance catch (this time!) on Monday!

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