Friday, 19 September 2014

Latest Reports...

Away from Strangford Lough, Cian Merne reports 10 geese, including 2 juveniles, at Merrion Gates, South Dublin Bay, on 17 September, and Paddy Dwan recorded the arrival of about 100 geese at Tramore Back Strand, Co. Waterford, yesterday (18th).
Ring-reading at Strangford Lough has now commenced in earnest, as the increasingly massive flocks are starting to use the mudflats away from the waterline. So far, two of the recently ringed Canadian birds have been recorded, SARB and SHRB. Both of these geese were caught on 26 July 2014 on the South Schei Peninsula, Axel Heiberg Island, as part of a large catch of non- or failed breeders.
Family parties are now increasingly appearing. Experience to date has been that the average brood size is low, with most families including either one or two juveniles, although one family with five juveniles has been recorded. It will be interesting to see how this pattern develops as more birds arrive...

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