Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Long overdue update!

Well so much for more on that later! With the arrival of Team Jameson and ever increasing daylight hours fieldwork got ever more hectic and the blog ending up being neglected...

All of the British and Irish have now returned from Iceland, with Rich and Stephen the last to leave on 1st June. Most of the geese were already well on their way to Arctic Canada by then, with Mummi noticing a big departure from the 26th to the 29th. Certainly during our last week of fieldwork geese were getting noticeably fatter and preparing for the off.

Everyone seemed to have a successful time in the last two weeks of May. Team Jameson managed an impressive number of resightings away from Reykjavik, spending several days based up around Snaefellsnes and also managing lots of resightings from Hvalfjordur and Blautos. Meanwhile the Exeter team continued spending 18/19 hours a day scouring the Reykjavik area for geese and ended up with nearly 5400 resightings and over 340 focal watches of behaviour (that more than 24 hours of watching individual ringed geese!)

Hopefully I'll be able to post pictures and stories from our last couple of weeks up there over the forthcoming weeks. More to come soon?

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